The Agony  Ecstasy Gallery Ibiza is the first Print and Contemporary Art Gallery to hit the Balearics. Launched in the summer of 2022, Agony + Ecstasy is curated by Emma Salahi, former LOVE Magazine Producer (Condé Nast) and PA to inimitable stylist and Editor-in-Chief Katie

The gallery represents artists including Heath Kane, a highly-respected printmaker who plays with dark-subversive portraits of recognisable figures in modern culture, Chris Levine, renown for his commissioning of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth, Levine highlights the use of an electrifying colour palette and work in light sculpture; Sara Pope, a favourite in the screen painting world, Pope’s juicy lip prints are lusciously irresistible to the viewer

“The vision of the gallery is simple: to revolutionise, pioneer and champion modern culture art in Ibiza” - Emma Salahi, Founder

Salahi’s inspiration comes from numerous Sunday morning visits to Columbia Road Flower Market in East London, where her favourite destination was the Nelly Duff art gallery. Looking at all the fabulous art made her heart beat a little faster..